CASE SPOTLIGHT: KHS Prevails in Entertainment Arbitration for Film Producer Client

KHS partners Shahrokh Sheik and Jack Holcomb prevailed in entertainment arbitration for film producer client against sales agent / distribution company in a breach of contract case. Shahrokh represents the client in all aspects of its film development, production, financing and distribution deals. After distribution company’s refusal to pay pursuant to the distribution agreement and several attempts to resolve the dispute, the firm initiated arbitration on behalf of his client in order to enforce its rights.

The case centered on whether the film producer completed delivery of a film under the terms of the agreement sufficient to trigger the distributor’s obligation to pay the agreed upon advance payments. The Arbitrator held that the producer gave proper notice and completed delivery, thus triggering the payment of advances by the distribution company, and that the distributor’s refusal to acknowledge complete delivery and pay the corresponding advance payments constituted a breach of the contract and covenant of good faith and fair dealing inherent in the contract. KHS’s client was awarded the full amount of its actual damages, attorney fees, costs, and pre-award interest.

KHS is excited that its client was able to recoup its damages and is now able to refocus on its business of making movies. This matter is a prime example of the scope and quality of transactional and litigation services KHS provides its clients. Please contact Shahrokh Sheik for more information on these services.