Premises Liability

Whether you are in a private or public building or space, owners of the premise have a duty to keep the area safe from dangerous conditions. But what happens when they fail to do so? Dangerous conditions can come in many forms, including unsafe construction sites, uneven floor surfaces, lack of adequate security, gas leaks and poor ventilation, dog bites, falling objects, among other things, and can cause real, serious injuries. Persons who have been injured because of these and other conditions may seek recovery from the property owner through a premises liability lawsuit.

Often, these cases may involve several parties, such as employees, subcontractors, landlords, and other services, all “pointing the finger” at the other, each claiming the other is responsible for the harm done. Thus, from Day 1, the KHS team aggressively prepares each case, by ensuring that each potential theory of liability is carefully analyzed to maximize recovery against each involved party. By working up each case as if it is going to trial, we are able to show the other parties that we will not back down, or accept a lowball offer that would not truly compensate for the harm done. Our track record speaks for itself, with multiple six and seven figure verdicts and settlements on premises liability cases.