Product Liability

If you have been injured by a defective product, you may have a products liability claim against the manufacturer, designer or producer of that product. There are three main types of products liability claims: (1) defective design, meaning the product was designed in a way that its normal use causes harm, (2) defective manufacturing, meaning there was an issue in the creation of the product which caused it to be defective, and (3) inadequate warning or failure to warn, meaning that the product should have been sold with warnings regarding potential hazards. All three types of products liability claims can cause severe injuries, even death.

The attorneys at KHS understand the ins and outs of these claims and are here to represent you and your interests against these manufacturers. As these claims often involve many technical details, our team works tirelessly with experts in specific fields to make certain every aspect of your case is accounted for. All our attorneys strive to provide excellent services, including open and transparent communication with our clients every step of the way. Given the close relationships we form with our clients, we limit the number of cases we taken on, in order to ensure each client gets this individualized service.