Slip and Fall

A slip and fall can happen in the blink of the eye, without any warning, and without any way to avoid it. One moment you’re standing, and the next you’re on the ground, suffering from serious injuries. Slip and fall incidents can occur when you slip on water or another slippery substance on the floor, and fall down, injuring yourself. The substance must either be placed there by the premises owner or his staff, or left on the ground long enough that the owner should have known of its existence.

Oftentimes, owners of the premises will attempt to shift blame to you or minimize your damages. They will argue that you should have been more careful, you should have seen the substance on the floor, or that you weren’t even hurt in the fall.

At KHS, the attorneys understand just how debilitating a slip and fall incident can be. Our attorneys explore every angle of slip and fall cases to maximize your recovery. This includes inspecting the scene of the accident with well-respected experts, ensuring any video evidence of the fall is preserved as soon as possible, speaking with witnesses, and ensuring that you receive the best medical care as you begin your healing process. Due to our hands-on approach, we take on a smaller number of these cases to ensure each case gets a personal touch. It is our goal to work directly with clients and communicate every step of the way.

The KHS team has a proven success rate on this type of case. Most recently, KHS secured a $2.16 million verdict for a client who slipped and fell in an unknown substance in a restroom owned by a public entity. Although it could not be proven how long the substance had been on the floor before the fall, or who placed it there, through a novel approach, our attorneys were able to establish that the public entity failed to install slip-resistant tile in an area prone to water spillage.